Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Communities Perish in Wealth

Mango is a tropical fruit of great economic importance if its nutritional and economical value is to be considered. We realize that the importance of any product is only recognized when its value is realized by its producer.
For years now, indigenous mango fruit has been produced in the tropics of Nyanza province and its performance here has proved to be very credible. As nature dictates, all these trees usually fruit at the same period of the year, giving a fruity scent all over the village, it is the fruity month of December! The excess of these fruits can never be consumed by the immediate local market. We have grown to see communities here perish in an advanced poverty scale as they dwell in deep wealth. A third of these fruits from this region have rot in farms for the past centuries, yet no authority has had an eye to correct these! These efforts need to be appreciated and tapped for the growth of the entire economy.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bringing the Library to the Community

In Africa, when an old man dies, it is a whole library that goes down. Ndhiwa Community Maarifa Center and the entire community highly appreciates the efforts made by ALIN, Institute for Rural Development Kenya and the Book AID foundation in seeing the installation of this one and only community library in this region.
With the reception of the secondary and primary school text books at the center, the idea is being appreciated by every individual who comes across the information from all corners. Most of our sons and daughters here come from economically challenged families. To most of them, owning a personal text book here is a bad dream.
We are glad that most of the students can now work on their school assignments from here and even borrow the books to work from home hence presenting them on time.
Our appeal now is to source for more resources and copies of these text books to enable us begin a mobile library down into the interiors of these community.