Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dairy Goat Farming as an Adaptation to the Economic strains

Ndhiwa 2011 Community Open Day

Open days are community shows, whereby people from diverse economic disciplines, occupations, interests and specialization are brought together in a forum where they exchange knowledge in regards to their areas of expertise. 

During open days; groups, CBOs, extension service providers, organizations, farmers, companies, banks, businesses, individuals etc. are invited to come and exhibit their products and services so that they interact, ask questions and share their knowledge and experiences with community members.
The information generated is directed for consumption by communities who happen to be in need of the same for their social and economic empowerment.

There is fundamental call for a free flow and exchange of information from the book shelves, minds and practices of experts to the community. The knowledge generated in the process, serves as empowerment to tackle the challenging issues arising from food insecurity, climate change, poverty, education, health, environmental degradation, just to mention the least and that is why our this year's theme: Action Against Poverty, correlated

The magnitude of knowledge pool needed, calls for concerted efforts through networking, partnerships and collaboration by all actors in development, towards achieving the common call of tackling community needs and challenges. Thanks to all the partners like Sukari Industry LTD, CEABUD constructions LTD, Cooperative Bank of Kenya, Adok Timo Bank and any other person who saw this day be a success of which it was.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Riat Sukari Industry Staff visits the centre

We were glad to have a courtesy call from the Riat Sukari Industry top Staff.
The team was highly glad in the realization of the existence of such a resourceful centre set up for the community to access diverse developmental information at no fee at all.
At the centre, they managed to share talks with the community members present at the centre who were so much in anticipating to learn directly from them on how far the construction has gone and also on how they could be part and parcel of the sugarcane out-growers this being the first industry and sugar company in this district.
They confirmed that the company is going to begin working as from October 2011 and the most interesting bit of it all is the new technology of production from where you can use only 400 seed canes to plant a whole acre unlike in other areas where tonnes have gone into much wastage.
The company will be here on the 21st September 2011 during the community open day and they will learn the people on how it is done. See you then.