Friday, December 2, 2011

Is the Government doing anything in terms of the Curent Run off Utilization?

This is a question that worries most Kenyans today. The heavy rains are here and come next year, of which is unpredictable, we might again be out on the run hit by another deadly drought, calling for an international intervention in terms of food insecurity!
I believe the right time to combat future food insecurity and water frustrations is now. The current down pour if properly harvested and stored in shallow dams or reservoirs in most of our drought mostly affected areas, then come next year, farmers shall be in a position to utilize the same for farm irrigation as as they await for the unpredictable rains.
Think about this and drop us your opinion on the comment box below this post. Remember that your opinion will highly contribute towards the betterment of this country today for the current and the future generations in terms of food security and poverty reduction.