Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Creating a Media Eye in the Society

The 2012 Adobe Youth Voices training once again hits a new dimension as we integrate the youths with professionals of diverse calibers in their information search and dissemination training  The integration of these ages has largely changed the approach of the under mentioned ideologies of issues happening in our society hence resulting into great results of the end results.
For those of us who might not be well informed of what Adobe Youth Voices is all about, here is a brief over the same: Adobe Youth Voices aims to empower youths in under served communities around the globe with real-world experiences and 21st century tools to communicate their ideas, exhibit their potential, and take action in their communities.
In that regard, Ndhiwa Maarifa Centre, ALIN, was mandated with the responsibility of empowering the youths and encouraging them in the use of cutting-edge multimedia tools like Adobe premiere, Adobe Photoshop, camera skills, Picasa 3, windows movie maker among other editing and sharing softwares. This is marked our second phase of training a previous group of 30 in the year 2011 and for 2012 again we have overseen another group of 30 youths equipped with the same skills; they shall remain the eye and voice of this community through video and photography documentations sharing. Watch out for their video projects in a weeks time.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

First Aid Africa Does it Again in Ndhiwa

 I tend to believe that the year 2012 was a great year for the Ndhiwa community and a lucky number of 30 people dominated the other supportive programmes hosted by the centre. Our interest and sharing today is on First Aid Africa’s training on the first aid skills and administration to the casualties. This time too we had some lively trainers by the Lindsey, Rebecca, Sophie and others.
The team trained 35 First Aiders on basic and advanced first aid skills from which a good number of them were issued with certificates of merit after critical  examinations. The team expressed their excitement on how the trainees had always been ready to deeply learn of anything new that seemed to be of any developmental value with whichever challenges that came with it.
We were curious too to have an understanding from one the trainers, Lindsey, if they had realized any impact of their 2 months (July-August) training from the people and this is what she said: “Yeah of course there is, think of this, you are travelling and then you suddenly come across a scene of motorbike accident and when you stop at the scene, the person you find to be rescuing and offering first aid to the causalities is your trainee, how would you feel? I was as so thrilled and motivated as a First Aid Trainer. This showed me of how the people here are ready to utilize whatever capacitation they get so long as it’s of help to them.
Otherwise the group learnt a lot on how to handle Minor and major injuries, Burns, Fractures, Blood lose and shock, foreign objects and Bites among others.