Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ndhiwa Receives Bibles Donation from Ndhiwa AIC Church

'A way to a man's mind is through a man's heart'. Ndhiwa Maarifa Centre received a donation of 26 new Bibles from the Ndhiwa AIC pastor, Pst. Douglas Omondi, who is also a computer trainee here at the moment.
Three Big Bibles were donated for the community library and the 23 smaller ones were to be awarded to the library's frequent members as a form of motivation.
Out of more than a thousand books available at the centre, it was unfortunate that we lacked a bible on our shelves, but today we count ourselves the most lucky to have more than enough to an extend of sharing out with our people.
We would like to thank Pst. Douglas Omondi of Ndhiwa AIC church for his generosity and love to the people of this community; and to the rest of our friends, i would like to remind you that you can still encouraged to donate any valuable items to support this community by clicking on our 'Donation tab.'

Monday, January 16, 2012

Taking ICT training to the Extremes in the year 2012

I would like to first wish each one of us who managed it to the year 2012 a happy and prosperous new year full of great achievements for both the 'haves' and 'have-not' in this tough global economic times.
2012 is a year that has come with a lot of of ICT opportunities for the communities of Ndhiwa; four basic computer training sessions per day is something that has never been realized in this centre before, but with the availability of the 2 trainers, a target of more than 100 trainees is going to be achieved by March 2012.
The classes have begun today (16/01/2012) and the turn up is promising. The idea has been appreciated by many people in the region especially the those who only preferred the evening classes due to their various commitments in the day.