Monday, April 16, 2012

Attending East Kobwaye Chief's Baraza

After a lengthy talk from the farmers representative Mr. Paul Okello on the importance of local poultry keeping and the need for farmers to embrace the information that had been brought to them by us as Ndhiwa Maarifa Centre and  KAPPAP resource person Mr. Evance Odhiambo, most farmers gained interest on the idea having had from one of their own and someone who was already in this business. In the meeting we had a population of 19 M & 9 F.
We gave the group an eye opener in an example format and it went this way;  if one farmer keeps 10 hens plus one cock with a vision that each hen produces 10 chicks and then you multiply it (10 chicks) by the 10 hens then in less than 4 months you will be having 100 hens plus the previous 10.
Currently at the local market rate, a hen is sold at a minimum of Kshs. 600. Suppose you wanted to sell the first lot, how much will you gain?  And secondly, suppose you gave them room to replicate! That marks a simple achievable strategy to fight the arising poverty gap. In the next trainings, we shall focus on how to construct different designs of poultry houses and disease management.