Monday, June 25, 2012

First Aid Training is Back

In Africa, the need for First Aid is perhaps most obvious, yet access to even basic equipment and training remains poor. every year millions of deaths and infections could be avoided with a small amount of medical knowledge and equipment.
The training is sponsored and facilitated by First Aid Africa in collaboration with Ndhiwa Maarifa Centre for the benefit of the Ndhiwa Community at large. Previously in the year 2011; we were able to train more than 50 community members over the same, and in a reloaded focus for the year 2012, a double figure wont be a bad thing to achieve. The training is runs from 2.00 pm - 4.00 pm on Mondays and Fridays. We are in negotiation with the team if we can explore other needy groups like motorcyclists, groups and other needy community members who really need to benefit from such skills and training's. Such kind of programmes blend so well with our centre's provisions in terms of knowledge and free access. More updates as we grow together and thanks to First Aid Africa.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Visiting a Member of Ndhisu Horticultural Farmers Group in Mirogi

On the 24th June 2012, we were able to meet a new active farmer from Ndhisu Horticultural farmers group through the support of Mr. Timothy Obabo of Kabonyo CBO.  The group has one of the largest coverage so far since it's comprises of 2 districts with about 100 plus farmers both in Ndhiwa and Suba.
The farmers came together to form this cluster with an aim of seeking a collective market for their productions. Each of them was to produce the same product at the agreed season which in return was to attract a reliable market. 
Talking to Mr. Otieno Charles who is one of the group members, this is what he had to to say “this idea was so brilliant when we first thought of it, but later on it became a challenge to manage such a large group, since not everyone kept to the spirit…but we are still a young group that is just 6 months old since registration”.
Talking at his well utilized farm, Mr. Okello encourages other groups or even individual farmers to remained focused on working hard on their farms first before raising an eye at any possible support that may come from other supporters or organizations of good will.
The farmer produces:
  • Tomatoes in a green house that he contributed towards its construction   
  • Butter nut
  • Orange flesh sweet potato
  • Bulb onions
  •  Water melon
  •  Bananas 
     Construction of a water pan for the rain water harvesting is also in progress with the support of APHIA II USAID programme having recognized his great efforts.
     Contact: 0729-072 214

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Visiting the Aora Chuodho Hardcore Youth Group

On the 30th of May 2012, we were able to identify a new hard working group just as the name suggests, in Aora Chuodho through our partnership with Kobama Ministry of Agriculture. This group comprises of 20 members (6M -14 F), such a wonderful balance that works.
The group has specialized in farming as their core business with their farm entailing:
  1. A maintained tree nursery
  2. Beans
  3. MM series Cassava
  4. Groundnuts
  5. Punda Mlia maize species
  6. Gaddam sorghum
After being taken round by the group’s chair-lady, we were able to identify a few challenges and those that could be assisted in time we advised and those that had gone beyond control at the moment were also noted for the next season. Most of their groundnuts were affected by rain and the germination percentage was confirmed to be low.
 The group also had a lot of fear on birds with their almost flowering Gaddam sorghum since were the only people who had sorghum in the region and an assumption that all the birds in the division were going to target their farm. 
We advised the group on the use of certified seeds and timely planting for their groundnuts; birds were not such a big issue and they could be kept away through daily alternation of members chasing them, scare crows or even video tapes tied on various stems to produce that irritating sound when there is wind.
Our major intention of visiting this group was to physically see their activities before recruiting them into our new focal group soon. We liked their work!

You can contact the group through their chair lady on 0701-286 357 or even promote them further by purchasing the beautiful trees and flowers.