Ndhiwa Maarifa Centre would like to acknowledge the support of the following organisations, foundations, and funding bodies. Without their support, none of our projects would be possible. We are very grateful to all of them.
The Ford Foundation is a resource for innovative people and institutions around the world. The foundation was established to advance human welfare, and all its work flows from this fundamental commitment. The foundation seeks to create political, economic and social systems that promote peace, human welfare and the sustainability of the environment on which life depends. The Foundation was chartered in 1936 by Edsel Ford.

Oxfam Novib
is the Dutch affiliate of the international Oxfam organization. It is an association dedicated to establishing a fair world with no poverty in it. The organization is based in The Hague. Oxfam Novib was founded under the name Novib in 1956 and it operates through projects and lobby locally and internationally because poverty and injustice are global problems and are about unjust economic and political

(Centre for Information on Low External Input and Sustainable Agriculture) is an independent organization with the mandate to contribute to poverty alleviation through the promotion of agro-ecological approaches. ILEIA has chosen the collection and dissemination of information as a means of contributing to improving the development options available to farmers, by informing those either directly involved in, or indirectly affecting, rural development. Information disseminated by ILEIA is freely available to all who wish to use and/or reproduce it.

Institute of Development Studies
(IDS) is a leading global organisation for research, teaching and communications on international development. IDS was founded in 1966 and enjoys an international reputation based on the quality of its work and its commitment to applying academic skills to real world challenges. Its purpose is to understand and explain the world, and to try to change it.

Institute for Rural Development-Kenya (IRD-K) is a locally based organization working with communities along the lake Victoria basin to promote rural development through information exchange under a practical platform where seeing is believing. IRD-K has hosted Ndhiwa Maarifa Centre since the year 2007 after a memorandum of understanding with ALIN. 

Localy here:

  • Ndhiwa Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ndhiwa Ministry of Youth
  • Ndhiwa Ministry of Social Services
  • Ndhiwa Ministry of Education
  • Community Mobilization Against Desertification
  • Ndhiwa Community Knowledge Project
  • Kipingi Peanut Processors
  • Karibuni ECO Cottages
  • Vision Media Organization
  • Pala Secondary School
  • Kobodo Primary school
  • Ndhiwa Primary School
  • Bishop Ojode Nursery School
We appreciate you all for the support you are giving us.