Friday, November 30, 2012


 It was pride and jubilation in the faces of 78 community members after completing their basic ICT training at Ndhiwa Maarifa Centre. Just like any other road to prosperity, the group faced a lot of challenges especially on the frequently interrupted power supply; making their session to run for nine weeks instead of six.
Having patient to the end, the team saw the need of organizing a small get together bash for their four classes whereby they presented their appreciation both to the organization and specifically to their beloved trainers. A number of them gave out their brief testimonies of how much they had grown to believe that they would never have a touch on a computer due to their ages but now that was a bad dream gone soar.
As an organization with high interest on impact, we highly encouraged the passing out team to keep us abreast on the impacts of the services they received and continue to receive in this centre no matter how minor it may appear since it will enable us make easy follow ups on them.
Otherwise so much was discussed in terms of daily life positive living, both from the guests and the trainees themselves. They day seem to have bond them well with the cool music since the morning sessions had never had a joint meeting with the evening team until then.