Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gearing up for the World Food Day.

Join the global movement on October 16th to end hunger. Be a part of the solution and take action your community and around the world. We can end hunger or it will take all of us. This is the message each community developer or worker around the globe and especially Africa is putting up with.
History states that World Food Day (WFD) was established by FAO’s Member Countries at the Organization’s 20th General Conference in November 1945. The Hungarian Delegation, led by the former Hungarian Minister of Agriculture and Food, Dr. Pal Romany has played an active role at the 20th Session of the FAO Conference and suggested the idea of celebrating the WFD worldwide. It has been observed every year in more than 150 countries, raising awareness of the issues behind poverty and hunger.

Since 1981, World Food Day has adopted a different theme each year, in order to highlight areas needed for action and provide a common focus. Most of the themes have always revolved around agriculture because only investment in agriculture-together with support for education and health-will turn this situation around; that is why ALIN and Kobama Ministry of Agriculture are running up and down to set up demo sites that will deliver the desired message freedom from hunger in relation to simple practical scientifically proven production methodologies. We are working with two farmer groups based in Aora Chuodho and Got Kowiti. We shall keep you updated as we progress.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Communities Understand their Own Abilities and Limitations on First Aid

In July 2013, we received First AID Africa’s second team that composed of Magee, Emma and Sean who were dedicatedly able to train over 30 community members on the most valued life skills through the set arrangements by Ndhiwa Maarifa Centre (ALIN) for the sake of our people.
Just to jog your mind as our reader, it would be good for you too to first have a clue of what we are talking about here. First aid is the initial assistance or treatment given to a person who is injured or suddenly taken ill and the person who provides this help is a first aider (he MUST be skilled).
Being a first aider is not actually a game of gamble, it is a matter of life and death, both yours and that of the casualty; whereby if you mess up at any point of time, both lives maybe jeopardized. Having analyzed the value of these skills, we as ALIN find it very necessary for the communities we are serving since accidents and health conditions are crosscutting issues that do occur at a time when we less expect yet requires an immediate attention.
From an observation analysis, most the communities dwell kilometers away from medical facilities access yet they fall prey to most risks of possible snake bites, chokes, drown, burns, cuts, heart attacks, broken limbs amongst other critical occurrences. With the skills imparted on our people for the past 2 years of partnership, we would like to thanks to the entire First Aid Africa team for such commitments and dedication in serving the people of Africa.