Monday, October 29, 2012

Hope as Hon. Martin Owino Visits the Maarifa Centre

On the 23rd March 2012, Ndhiwa Maarifa Centre was privileged to host Hon. Martin Owino, a medical expert and political aspirant for Ndhiwa constituency parliamentary seat 2013. To us it was another mileage because rarely has the politicians paid a visit to this centre for the past six years of its service to the needy community of which they refer to as the electorate.
Someone once said that ‘knowledge is to know that tomato is a fruit, but wisdom is not to use it as a pudding’. We are not going to take this privilege to blame any of the politicians for the past but I believe that Hon. Martin Owino has created a turning point to the kind of political consideration in the projects that are/will continue to assist and improve the livelihood of its people.
Hon. Martin Owino was able to address the 120 attending electorates who are trainees and partners of Ndhiwa Maarifa Centre on the need of them voting wisely and peacefully. He highly appraised what ALIN has done to this community in the past years despite the challenges it has gone through as a rapidly growing organization.
He was quick to say that as to the reason why most politicians might have failed to visit and support this centre was because a good number of them preferred leading ignorant electorates who barely have room for listening to policies. His urge was that it would have been a great idea to have such centres in all the 6 divisions of Ndhiwa to empower the people. Otherwise our guest had very good policies that we may not be able to highlight here due to a number of reasons. In his final remarks, Hon. Martin Owino promised never leave the centre the way he found it and he pledged to support it by donating  a few computers for the ICT training and books for the community library.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Heroes Day Celebration

Kenya marked her 49th year of independence on Saturday, 20th October 2012, colorful celebrations all over the country. Kenyans of all designation came together to celebrate yet another Mashujaa day in recognition of the achievements of our freedom fighters. This day also affords us the opportunity to celebrate the post independence and modern days’ heroes and heroines who has brought this country the pride and the joy that we enjoy today. 
In Ndhiwa district Wananchi were also up in arms to celebrate this big day with hopes of a better tomorrow. The event took place in Ndhiwa Grounds.
From the presidents speech which was read by the District Commission of Ndhiwa, Mr. Omoding, the president urged Kenyans to take charge of their social, economic, and cultural and political affairs to ensure significant progress. In relation to many challenges ahead namely, high cost of life, high inflation rate, insecurity just to mention but a few, economy of this country has grown by 4.5%, as inflation fell about 5%. This was as a result of impressive agricultural activities, expansion of finance and banking, I.C.T, infrastructure, Tourism and hospitality. 
Residents too had their plea placed before the government in an organize manner. During his speech,  the chairman of Ndhiwa Business Community urged for development of the market to ensure proper layout of structures to enable especially the micro-business entities e.g. mama mbogas to have a good place for their businesses since they are the most affected. 
In line to this, Mr. Omar Were, who is a Muslim Sheikh from Ndhiwa Muslim community, blamed the administration offices for lack of modern public toilets in the market as a way of improving the environment around the market. He questioned why Mwananchi are ever taxed for services yet there is nothing in return.
In his speech, the DC Mr. Omoding also insisted on environmental management starting with noise of which he cautioned religious organizations and the residents to ensure they don’t disturb others in their activities. He praised the work of security personnel in ensuring peace within the entire district and urged the residents to give security agents maximum cooperation to ensure the region is peace and through such investors will stream in, otherwise In his closing remarks, the DC concurred with other speakers and promised proper market planning and structuring as well as promise to safeguard rights of every resident.