Saturday, March 8, 2014

HomaBay ATC Principal makes a Field follow up to Got Kowiti Livelihood 6 months after a production Training

On the 12th Feb 2014, Mr. Adel, the Principal of HomaBay Agriculture Training Centre and the farm manager found time amidst their tight schedules to make a follow up trip to Got Kowiti Livelihood and Development Group, a team that had been supported by ALIN and Kobama Ministry of Agriculture to attend a one day training at the centre.
The team had been trained on the bulb onion production and local poultry production in mid last year after they had made consistent request of their interest. 
From what the two officials saw in the field (1 Acre farm of bulb onions), they got pleased and encouraged members present to keep up the amazing spirit. Later after the farm visits, the group received further training from the ATC teachers and i tell you this day was amazing.

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